Calculating energy expenditure

For the measurement of the energy expenditure in adults, the Harris and Benedict formula or the revised Roza and Shizgal formula are used.

Harris and Benedict formula (1919)

For men: 66,4730 + (13,7516 X W) + (5,0033 X H) - (6,7550 X A)For women: 655,0955 + (9,5634 X W) + (1,8496 X H) - (4,6756 X A)



Roza and Shizgal formula (1984)

In 1984 Roza and Shizgal revised the original formula by Harris and Benedict to calculate energy expenditure. This revised formule is currently used by dieticians of the Maastricht UMC+. 

For men: 88,362 + (13,397 X W) + (4,799 X H) - (5,677 X A)For women: 447,593 + (9,247 X W) + (3,098 X H) - (4,33 X A) For this formula a bigger group of persons is used. They where measured by Harris and Benedict themselves 1928 en 1935.



Legend (both formulas)

Bodyweight (W) in kilogramHeight (H) in meter
Age (A) in years


The (updated) Harris and Benedict calculates the resting energy metabolism, including diet induced thermogenesis (in short 'DIT'). Because the (updated) Harris and Benedict formula is known to overestimate the resting energy metabolism, it's often used as a calculation of the basal energy metabolism. 


To calculate total energy expenditure, extra percentages need to be taken into account. You can find these in this document.
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